Frequently Asked Questions
PACKING PEARLS are large, rigid, light weight balls comprised of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) of which 35% comes from recycled materials. Manufactured in the USA, Packing Pearls are safe for all plant and vegetable container gardening.

How long will Packing Pearls last and how do they benefit my plants?
Packing Pearls can be reused over and over without losing its rigidity. Its unique design allows oxygen flow to the roots making for healthier, longer lasting plant growth. Used in conjunction with our exclusive Drain Shield, plant mildew and root rot are eliminated, leaving you to enjoy healthier longer-lasting plants. Our system also keeps your patio clean from soil stains.

Why are Packing Pearls better over other conventional fillers?
Most fillers compress and can easily shut down the drainage to the pot leading to root rot and ultimately, plant death. PACKING PEARLS keep their shape and continue to provide a firm foundation and open drainage for plants. The roots cannot grow through the Pot Liner or Pearls, making it a snap to pull spent plants. Once installed, no need to remove them - you just leave them in your pot until next planting season. Packing Pearls fit all sizes and shapes of pots.

How much do I need for my pot?
To determine which kit size you need, measure the pot width 1/3rd from the bottom of the pot. S/M kits fit pots up to 16 inches in diameter; M/L Kit fits pots up to 22 inches wide. For lighter pots, just add more pearls (sold separately).

Can I recycle Packing Pearls? 
YES, recycling centers will take our product but most likely you will want to reuse them over and over. They are transferable from pot to pot and require only a new drain shield and fabric liner when re-potting into a new container.

PACKING PEARLS® is the best alternative for lighter healthier pots and easier on the environment!