Tips for Getting Employees on Board

They say that if you want to go far, you need to have people who support you and are willing to hold your hand as you navigate the murky waters. During the office moving process, you cannot do it alone and it is not possible and even advisable to leave everything to your moving company, you should encourage the employees to participate.


So, today I want to discuss some of the best ways of getting employees on board of the moving process.

Give them Incentives

Nobody not even your employees getting incentives to do something knowing that they will get a reward at the end. Therefore, you should give them incentives such as bonuses at the end of the month if you pay them on a monthly basis or double the weekly pay to compensate for the hassles.

Discuss the Reasons for Moving

Trust me, the employees value the business even if they at times act as if they do not care, and would not want to lose their only source of livelihood. Based on this fact, discussing with them the reasons why you have decided to relocate and the positive effects that the move will have on their work and remuneration will get them flexing muscles packing the office items in the provided boxes.

Finally, make sure that you plan for the move. Do not inconvenience any of them, give them a months notice so that anyone who will be forced to relocate can lay out the necessary plans.


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